About Us

Clear-Ad Plastics, a division of the Clear-Ad Inc. company is dedicated to serving the promotional industry since 1999. We understand the promotional culture and the necessity to deliver quality goods at the right price. We are highly rated in customer service and will follow up to ensure timely deliveries. We are located in Santa Ana CA and been in business since 1988.

Founded by Juan Diaz, through his years of experience of building steel molds, Mr. Diaz has built over hundreds of molds in the display industry.  Over time, we expanded into hand-fabrication as a complimentary service to handle stock and custom acrylic sign and display market. 

In short time, we added silk screen imprinting to be able to place logos on the brochure holder and sign frames. By the mid 1990’s we became a full service display house by having our very own proprietary brochure holder line and acrylic displays built here in the USA!

We now have a full maquila where we produce our displays for your customer.  Adding that we have secured most of our raw materials from oversees, we have put you, the promotional customer in good position to secure a purchase order for your customer display needs with being competitive, and with a fast turnaround! 

Below is a list of our full capabilities:

  • Injection molding of our brochure holder line
  • Handmade fabrication
  • Custom displays
  • CNC Routing custom shapes
  • High volume NC Saw cutting
  • Thermo-bending
  • Plastic Welding
  • Silk Screen Imprinting
  • Custom logo proofing
  • Fulfillment
  • Logistics
  • Blind shipping
  • Drop shipping
  • Hundreds of items always in stock for fast shipping
  • And……Award winning customer service